1999 Blue Ribbon Book, The Bulletin for the Centre of Children’s Books, USA

"The geometric shapes and wide eyes of Sharkey's characters may remind some readers of a cross between Lane Smith and Yumi Heo, but the composition of her work reflects her own unique style. For instance, she creates a witty counterpoint when picturing a bulbous dog in 'The Peddler of Swaffham' burying his bone as his master unearths a buried treasure. Readers can only hope that this team of newcomers has more in store." Publishers Weekly

"The illustrations are quirky explorations of ethnic themes, appearing as headpieces and tail pieces and running foots, sidling up to the text in interesting ways, as well as appearing in more conventional half-pages. Sharkey’s style is as odd and eccentric, at times, as Yumi Heo’s, but also falls to more traditional forms for architectural details that help convey each story’s setting."

Kirkus Reviews