Bookbag is a children’s book gifting initiative that aims to to get books into the hands of children through disadvantaged primary schools in Ireland, and to inspire a love of reading in young people.

Aimed at DEIS schools in areas of disadvantage, where free books are most needed, the Bookbag project gifts each child in chosen schools with a book to take home and keep, as well as encouraging a sustainable reading culture within the school.

We do this through giving a book to every child in the school, in a bag containing a poster, bookmark, stickers and a letter from Niamh Sharkey, champion of reading and former Laureate na nÓg.

These Bookbags are for each child to take home and keep, and the books are chosen carefully with the aim of capturing the imaginations of avid and reluctant readers alike. Bookbag also ensures that every class in the school is visited by a writer or illustrator.

These experiences can be a powerful way to encourage a love of reading and bring stories to life.

Bookbag assesses the particular needs of each school we work with and, within the constraints of our budget, we aim to address issues and build on strengths to develop a strong reading culture within the school.