WINNER of the
Mother Goose Award for Best Newcomer to British Illustration

WINNER of the
Bisto Book of the Year

“A fine combination of illustration and text, this turnip is going to be the new staple crop for the storytime crew.” Starred Review - Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“Up-to-the-minute illustrations and graphic design serve as the new-fangled foil to the well-known Russian folktale.. Working in a style reminiscent of Yumi Heo's for its flatness and angularity, Sharkey (Tales of Wisdom and Wonder) produces figures with beady eyes, spindly limbs and small, delineated smiles. They toil against a stark, elemental landscape that is mostly sky.. Sharkey's pacing creates a circular balance: the story begins calmly and ends calmly, with plenty of fun in between.”
Publishers Weekly