“Great fun, Superb illustrations."  The Sunday Tribune

"This is a lavish picture book in every way. Sharkey matches her striking illustrations to a text rich in imagery."  *School Librarian*

"With a dazzling array of munchies on the menu, your baby will be giggling from start to finish. Great illustrations too!" *Baby & You*

"This is just about the finest children's book ever. The illustration is to die for, the prose an unalloyed delight of ridiculous rhyme with preposterous claims of face-stuffing prowess by a ever-increasingly unlikely procession of animals."
 Amazon Review

"The teal-and-orange “Beast” is reassuringly comic rather than scary in this brightly illustrated tale of one-upmanship. When the Beast announces he’s so hungry he could eat a house, he sets off a whole claque of other animals who vie to be the hungriest. Large, informal black type and spot illustrations of the animals alternate with full-bleed oil paintings featuring the aforementioned munching; the pictures are vivid and sharp as well as funny—normally inedible items like boats, pails, and roller skates are munched into. The riotous spread following the toothily grinning Beast’s assertion that he’s still the most ravenous shows mouse, cat, cow, whale, dog, elephant, lion, and alligator flying in all directions. The first-person boasting, large trim size, energy of the illustrations, and imaginative premise make this a terrific read-aloud. Be sure to have plenty of snacks on hand for afterward."

Kirkus Reviews

It was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie Ravenous Beast picture book dummy...

Then it got a bit bigger...

Read by Kevin Whately (Inspector Morse, Peak Practice)
Walker Books in collaboration with King Rollo Films