WINNER 2010 Junior Book of the Year award at The Irish Book Awards.

"Thelma and Louise for younger readers, only with a chicken and a cow - and a happy ending, by the way."  The Irish Independent

"A cow and chicken hilariously share a red bicycle en route to north Antrim, the Antarctic and outer space."  Robert Dunbar, The Irish Times

"Mavis and Marge are intrepid, fun characters that are sure to become read-aloud favourites."  INIS

"Niamh Sharkey’s signature style brings vitality and an energetic feel to the story; the characters are literally jumping off the page, enticing young readers into joining the fun. Happiness and joviality ooze out of the pages of this book."
Library Mice

"Page design and typography go a long way at creating the right atmosphere; I love the use of the font which looks like an old typewriter and which gives a perfect retro feel, keeping in tone with the title, à la Jack Kerouac … Mavis and Marge the Beat Generation for farmyard animals."  Library Mice